Friday, April 1, 2011

midnight printing & inventing stuff

Doing some printing for a wheat farm press exchange in New Hampshire. Needs to be postmarked by tomorrow. Using an old image printed a new way. I plan to do some handcoloring before work in the morning.  Maybe add some neon green and glowing yellows to the print.  I've thought it was 10 o'clock for the past 3 hours. Need to change the "studio" clock battery! I wanted to do some new monotypes for this exchange but did not find the time.

I tried out a new invented monotype screenprint method about a week ago.  I call it mono-screen-frottage printing. (Still working on the name).  Basically rubbing objects through the screen with a watercolor crayon or pencil then printing with transparent base. The result is ugly no way around it but maybe I learned something from the experimenting? I did rubbings of peach pits and cardboard shapes and strings.  At first the crayons resist and then it prints. Max Ernst made up the term and used frottage in many of his drawings and paintings as a starting point. Ernst mostly did rubbings of wood textures. I thought I'd try to apply the idea to a screen. Maybe I'll come back to this later when I find a really good texture.

Claire and I went to the Art Institute last week on free night and ran down Michigan Blvd. to the Museum of Contemporary Photography.  I saw an Ernst piece at the Art Institute. Maybe my rubbings would be more successful if I chose simpler or fewer objects. Man that new modern wing has a ton of doors and bossy gallery guards. Claire got reprimanded for taking a picture and the guard may have also accused her of not speaking English? At the Museum of Contemporary Photography we were very inspired by the Kahn & Selesnick exhibit and the polite art guard.