Sunday, October 3, 2010

by the skin of my teeth

"by the skin of my teeth"
by a very small margin, barely; succeed by a minimal measure
used when expressing how difficult something was to achieve

I commandeered an empty classroom while in Bloomington to document this piece. I've never had a wall big enough to install it. I made these prints a few years ago. They are heavily layered screen prints with small ID-like photographs in the corners. There are 32 prints and they are hanging in two rows to represent the number of permanent teeth we have. They show a misunderstanding and confusion I had as a kid. I associated troubles with reading and frustration with a trip to the dentist. It had a little something to do with wisdom teeth and now as an adult I can barely remember it. I want to do a series about teeth eventually.

More Fuller Images (site)

More images from the Fuller Projects. The Fuller Projects are in a building called the McCalla School. It is an old elementary/high school that Indiana University took over and started using for sculpture in the 1970s. It is named after Margaret Hemphill McCalla, Bloomington and Indiana's first female superintendent. In the room adjacent to where I installed, there was a big image of a teacher and her class in the school. I think the picture was taken in the room where my work was. I really like the idea that I installed this work where children used to be. The building is like a big empty shell with all of these reminders of it's past purpose. It made the work have another layer, it was very site engaged. Also had an article in the Indiana Daily Student. The author called me the "next exhibitionist." I love it.

The story is in the Arts section, here it is in PDF form:

Fuller Projects Reception

Interesting picture from the outside, the glow of the bottles is really nice. I'm happy with the way the prints turned out. Hanging them was not easy and they did not lay flat. I may frame them in the future. Wyatt is dressed like Dwight from the Office.