Monday, November 5, 2012

a certain type of devil's humor

take your medicine
collage in progress
work in progress- painted backgrounds on plywood 




not my fault

before & after

bowling for abominations


I make no distinction between taking and making when it comes to photography. It is post-photographic age, the illusion of a pretty picture as a window into another world is so passé. In these pieces obvious manipulation forces a focus on surface rather than illusion. My photographs often become objects, where the viewer is forced to look at it rather than through it. The images in a certain type of devil's humor are collage over paint on chunky plywood. The source images came from a box of clippings rescued from the trash by Chris Peregoy. He said they were left behind when an early video artist from his school died and his office had to be cleaned out. It was an interesting collection including many images of outer space and rockets, large machines and early computers, various creatures, people in national geographic and a few 1950's quasi-pornographic images. 

Friday, November 2, 2012

North Carolina Foggy Landscapes

Worked on color correcting these images today. They are from North Carolina taken with my iPhone while at Penland School of Crafts in August. One morning after breakfast the fog was so heavy and nice coming over the mountains that I skipped out on class and just took a walkabout in the surrounding woods. Couldn't stop looking up and chasing light coming through the cloudy fog. At Penland everywhere feels like an uphill walk and I was afraid if I walked back to my room to get my "real" camera the fog would lift. So the cell phone just had to make due. I walked aimlessly for a while before I realize I was quite unfamiliar with the lay of the land and I had no signal for google maps. I began to be overwhelmed with thoughts of lions and tigers and bears and law & order SVU cases. Then I ran into a few landscape painting students carrying easels and followed my way back. I guess I didn't go too far astray but I decided that was enough of the wandering alone with your head in the clouds for me.