Wednesday, November 10, 2010

more signage in the heartland

Hand Made Signage

Been driving through Medaryville in White Post township on a semi weekly basis. I decided to shoot some of the handmade signs. Medaryville is struggling economically like most of the forgotten towns on US421. Many of the local businesses still paint their own signs. I think this adds some interest and personality to the face of the town. We are so used to seeing big slick machine produced, edited words or corporation logos. Every giant Walmart sign looks like every other giant Walmart sign.

The liquor store owner came out to talk to me. I think he was trying to scare me away at first. But I sweet talked him a bit and complimented his handy work. I said it was more interesting than ugly. He laughed. I said I'd buy some beer but I was on my way to work and wanted to make it there. He said I could take all the pictures I wanted. I should have taken his, but I didn't want to push it.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

by the skin of my teeth

"by the skin of my teeth"
by a very small margin, barely; succeed by a minimal measure
used when expressing how difficult something was to achieve

I commandeered an empty classroom while in Bloomington to document this piece. I've never had a wall big enough to install it. I made these prints a few years ago. They are heavily layered screen prints with small ID-like photographs in the corners. There are 32 prints and they are hanging in two rows to represent the number of permanent teeth we have. They show a misunderstanding and confusion I had as a kid. I associated troubles with reading and frustration with a trip to the dentist. It had a little something to do with wisdom teeth and now as an adult I can barely remember it. I want to do a series about teeth eventually.

More Fuller Images (site)

More images from the Fuller Projects. The Fuller Projects are in a building called the McCalla School. It is an old elementary/high school that Indiana University took over and started using for sculpture in the 1970s. It is named after Margaret Hemphill McCalla, Bloomington and Indiana's first female superintendent. In the room adjacent to where I installed, there was a big image of a teacher and her class in the school. I think the picture was taken in the room where my work was. I really like the idea that I installed this work where children used to be. The building is like a big empty shell with all of these reminders of it's past purpose. It made the work have another layer, it was very site engaged. Also had an article in the Indiana Daily Student. The author called me the "next exhibitionist." I love it.

The story is in the Arts section, here it is in PDF form:

Fuller Projects Reception

Interesting picture from the outside, the glow of the bottles is really nice. I'm happy with the way the prints turned out. Hanging them was not easy and they did not lay flat. I may frame them in the future. Wyatt is dressed like Dwight from the Office.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

MOre Fuller

I have been working on the unnatural selection monoprints and I will also hang those at the Fuller Projects when I go back on Friday. We will see how they fit in with the other pieces.
The "bed" was a nightmare to get together. And it still looks kind of short but it resembles a bed, right? I really wanted to install some stacked bottles in the unused doorway, but ran out of time. Instead we (mostly wyatt) stacked bottles in one window. They are stacked to eye level and above and the lights from outside shinning through the bottles look glowy and warm.

Fuller Projects Install

Installed a version of Surrogate on Sunday at the Fuller Projects in Bloomington. This is a student run gallery at Indiana University. It is for installation work and contemporary, experimental stuff. The IDS (student) newspaper interviewed me while we were there. Can't wait to see what they write up! I don't think I said anything too dumb. The installation was hectic and I assumed I would have a few student volunteers and I didn't (except Sara Nordling, who stopped by to help for a bit). And I didn't realize some of the walls would be plaster so... I had to adapt. Wyatt, Jason (Wyatt's bother) and I installed for about 10 hours with a quick lunch break over at Yogi's Bar across the street. It was a big job for a show that will only be open for the 2 hour reception. But when I go back down I will take some nice formal looking documentation type pics.

MPIAD fountain square

I participated in MPIAD again this year in fountain square. It was hot and winding making it even more difficult to work out on the sidewalk making art out of paper. I made a book with the help of my sister. If she didn't help I would not have completed it. It is called 27 artists in the fountain and consists of 27 blind contour drawings in color pencil. The book is made of a greenish sheet of twinrocker paper and the cover is a white twinrocker watercolor paper. Each page had a rough white square painted on it before I began to draw. This is the longest book I have ever made! I wanted to make the book then walk around and do quick portraits of different artists but I ran out of time and the drawing are actually all of my sister, Jessie.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

science of art pics

Got images from Science of Art at Desotorow Gallery in Savannah, GA. Kind of disappointing they didn't even hang a 1/4 of what they were suppose to/ sent, but it's hit and miss with this kind of thing. I'm surprised when galleries agree to hang this work it is very time consuming. And so far my experience is that the directions I send are rarely followed. The documentation is always a surprise. None the less this is an interesting installation. It looks more cute than overwhelming.

Sunday, September 19, 2010


surrogate on the fuller projects website

getting ready to install next sunday

trying to do a new piece... massive bottle wall is the idea

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Maybe a show or two at Lala gallery in Lafayette in 2011! Already planning next year.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Fuller Projects

Looks like I'll have a show at the Fuller Projects in Bloomington in October. Should be fun. I'll install bottles with students volunteers. Trying to design a site specific installation. I think I want the works to encompass the room and creep onto the ceiling. Will include images. May include bottle cap bed and/or new monoprints with black squares (unnatural selection).

Monday, August 16, 2010

unnatural selection

series of 7 monotypes in progress
unnatural selection

black paper- handmade by me at Lacy studio with claire
white paper- twinrocker

black and white face image- intaglio monoprints
Red circle images- screenprint monoprints with watercolors, watercolor crayons & pencils

Black squares not yet attached...

Friday, August 13, 2010

marbling and alcohol painting

experimenting with new media... marbling on 28 inch diameter twinrocker paper and 91% alcohol and watercolors. I like the effects. Maybe screen printing over these?

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Desotorow Gallery
Gallery in Savannah, GA
new group show
Science of art
mailed out work yesterday
opening on August 20th
hope to post pics