Tuesday, December 4, 2012

take your camera with you...

Take your camera to the grocery store, a giant cloud might appear above the roof. 

sleeping face at Sutro Baths

I have been busy working on a major revamp of my website. I will be adding many more images when I launch the portfolio section. I have been transforming my external hard drive into something searchable instead of a pile of years of data sealed like a time capsule. I wish I would practice what I preach to my students when it comes to file naming, but if I were more organized I might have never come across this jem. I found this while I was cleaning up a collection of images of what I call the moon rocks taken at the Sutro Bath ruins in San Fransisco. I accidentally turned the image on its side and noticed the sleeping face. I just adore finding faces in the landscape, like sleeping giants hiding in plain sight.